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This startup wants to prevent another Flint water crisis

Entrepreneur Daniel Yazbeck has been thinking a lot about the Flint water crisis lately. "It's not just Flint but also what's happening in Alabama now with contaminated drinking water," he said With a background as a scientist, Yazbeck is drawn to analyzing problems and developing solutions.

The “Internet Of Food,” DNA Testing, And The Quest For The Perfect Diet

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." Hippocrates may not have actually put it in quite those words, but that slogan summarizes his brand of doctoring. Just eat healthy food, right? Not so fast. It turns out that the connection between food and health is complicated by two facts discovered in recent decades.

Jump-Start Your Startup: 5 Ways to Attract Investors

“Who you listen to is probably the most fundamental influencer of the success of startups. Every decision you make will catch up to you, and you will either be dealing with the cleanup of that decision or celebrating the results. Listen to the right people and follow your gut.”

Test Your Own Food, Water and Weed for Purity, Quality

The label says it’s organic. But can you really trust the label? Soon you’ll be able to test the food you buy, the water you drink and more with a handheld gadget from MyDx, a company founded by former Pfizer scientist Daniel Yazbeck. Here’s my conversation with Daniel Yazbeck.

Seventh Sense Blog Sensor Detects Harmful Chemicals In Water

There does not seem to be anything truly unique about sensors that detect chemicals and other substances in water and other liquids. They have been around and in numerous varieties for quite some time. However, MyDx, Inc., makers of the first multi-use hand-held chemical analyzer for consumers, is launching its AquaDx sensor chip for the analysis of toxic chemicals in water. The company is and is now accepting pre-orders at special pricing for early adopters.

MyDx Introduces AquaDx Sensor Chip for Examining Toxic Chemicals in Water

“While AquaDx is highly anticipated to provide a dramatic increase to our earnings power, this launch is especially gratifying for myself and all MyDx employees at a personal level given that everyone, worldwide, should have access to clean, safe drinking water. AquaDx will empower consumers to test their water safety in a simple and practical way,” Mr. Yazbeck concluded.

Groundbreaking AquaDx chip analyzes the safety of drinking water in real time

A new water-testing chip allows users to check for lead, pesticides, heavy metals, and alkalinity in drinking water wherever they may roam. As an accessory to the MyDx system, AquaDx is one of four chips in development to help consumers test the safety of everyday elements by sending results straight to their smartphones in six minutes.

New sensor chip will give you quick analysis of your drinking water

The AquaDx chip connects to the MyDx analyzer, which connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth that uploads data from a physical water profile to the cloud for analysis and then downloads a full report. AquaDx sensors that work with the chip are disposable and single use. Three different sensors included in the package can test for pesticides and heavy metals, according to U.S. military standards; lead, using U.S. Environmental Protection Agency standards; and total hardness, chlorine, alkalinity and pH.

A Device for a Better Life? An FYI on MyDX

While this is certainly good news for cannabis consumers, the better news is the design and functionality of the device can be applied to other consumables like food and beverages, and even the air we breathe. As we speak, the app is being tweaked so it will soon let users test chemicals in their food (Organa), drink (Aqua), and air quality (Aero).

The mission of MyDx – put chemicals testing in the hands of consumers

I don’t write about startups often – mostly because I find their ambitions limited and uninspiring. That goes double for consumer tech startups, but I’m making an exception for MyDx. The mission of MyDx, aka “my diagnostic,” is to put toxin/chemicals testing in the hands of consumers.

Test to Find Out if Your Foods Are Really Organic

Consumers continue to call for the right to know not only how their food is grown, but what’s in their food. With the growth of the movement has been the growth of the organic industry. But is the food you’re eating really “organic” and free from chemicals such as pesticides? A new analyzer will give consumers the power to know what, if any, pesticides are in the food they are eating.
MyDx - sensor analyzer

New CannaDx app tells users… “What’s in their joint?”

New CannaDx app tells users… “What’s in their joint?” MyDx wants its customers to know exactly what’s in the food they eat, the water they drink — and the cannabis they smoke. The San Diego company launched an upgraded smartphone app this week, dubbed CannaDx, that lets users test the chemical components of marijuana. According to the company, […]

Sniff It Out

The good people of MyDx will sell you a machine that uses an “electronic nose” to figure out the THC, terpenes, and other chemicals present in your pot sample.
San Diego Business Journal

Startup MyDx Inc. Makes Revenue Gains

San Diego’s MyDx Inc., a company that makes a handheld chemical analyzer for consumers, announced a jump in quarterly revenue as the startup gains traction.

MyDx Sensors Sniff Out Chemicals, Toxins

MyDx describes the marijuana's chemical profile. Each profile is based on the levels of chemicals (cannabinoids, both psychoactive and non-psychoactive, and terpenes, which are the plant's aromatic chemicals) detected in the sample. reviews MyDx

A review from Medical Cannabis News of MyDx, highlighting its benefits for people looking for desired effects and the strains which will deliver them. MCN's testing results reinforced MyDx's consistency and accuracy and ease of use, and sees a role for MyDx in the future of health.

MyDx: The Palm-Sized Testing Platform

MyDx's cannabis testing platform is a revolutionary technology for people looking for a simple product for testing and examination, and is an essential tool to ensuring consumer safety as well as the success and progression of this thriving industry.

MyDx Learns What Cannabis is Right for Individual Users

This article takes a look at MyDx’s innovative technology and some new additions that have turned it into a powerful tool for both medical and recreational users, as well as potentially anyone in the future as it expands beyond the cannabis market.

CFN Interview with CEO Daniel Yazbeck

CFN’s Mike Elliott speaks with MyDx Inc. CEO Daniel Yazbek in November about the company’s affordable portable analyzer that provides real-time chemical analysis and fits in the palm of the hand.

Candid Cannabis Strain Review

Watch the first Candid Cannabis strain review from Cannabis in Canada, using the MyDx chemical analyzer. In this installment, Dylon looks at the award winning Lindsay strain from Liberty Farms, grown by Cannabis in Canada’s own Chad Jackett.

An Interview with CEO Daniel Yazbeck

Watch the video of Daniel Yazbeck showcasing the MyDx portable chemical analyzer and mobile app in an interview with David Friedman, CEO of MJIC Media, at the Cannabis Growth Capital Conference in Las Vegas, NV.
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MassRoots Names MyDx the Official Marijuana Analyzer of the Cannabis Community

MassRoots Names MyDx the Official Marijuana Analyzer of the Cannabis Community Denver, CO (August 27, 2015): MassRoots, Inc. (OTCQB: MSRT), one of the largest and fastest growing social networks for cannabis consumers, is pleased to announce it has named MyDx, Inc.’s (OTCQB: MYDX) MyDx device the official marijuana analyzer of the cannabis community. After crowd-funding […]

MyDx Announces Release of Their First Chemical Analyzer for Consumers

The CannaDx™ Sensor & Smartphone App Empowers Users with the Ability to Test and Rate Cannabis Strains NASA SUPPORTED SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY POWERS NEW MYDX CONSUMER CANNABIS ANALYZER Product Photo Attached SAN DIEGO, July 14, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — MyDx, Inc. creator of MyDx™ (My Diagnostic), the first battery operated, handheld, chemical analyzer for consumers, has begun […]

MyDx Looks to Crack Open the Green Leaf

Ryan Barnes from Cannafundr gets under the hood of MyDx, a "highly toned cannabis testing device unlike anything on the market," and shares CEO Daniel Yazbeck's plans to bring this audacious and disruptive product to market.

CDx CEO Featured Panelist at Marijuana Investor, Technology and Healthcare Events

MyDx, Inc. was featured at several events including the Marijuana Investor Summit and Med MJ conferences in Denver, Colorado, where we participated in panels covering Technology and Software in the MMJ Space. We are also grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the “Shark Tank” Panel sessions at the Arcview Investor Forum in Washington, DC., […]
NASDAQ Globenewswire

MyDx Announces Up-listing to OTCQB Marketplace

Per our plans, MyDx, Inc. has successfully up-listed to the NASDAQ OTCQB marketplace, further marking our commitment to the high level of financial and corporate disclosure that is required to participate on this exchange.
Yahoo Finance MyDx

MyDx, Inc. Announces Completion of Reverse Merger

SAN DIEGO, CA–(Marketwired – May 05, 2015) – MyDx, Inc., Nevada corporation (MYDX) (the “Company”), has completed a reverse merger on May 5, 2015 pursuant to which CDx, Inc., a Delaware corporation, became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company.

Electronic Nose Device Intrigues Cannabis Investor Community

What started as an Indiegogo campaign to determine market demand for a sensor device that will test the chemical composition of cannabis is now a full fledged start-up called Cdx that garnered the interest of serious investors at the ArcView Investor Network in Boston last week with its MyDx Analyzer for Cannabis.

New Device Tests Marijuana Using an App

As the American marijuana culture becomes more mainstream, the modern-day stoner becomes increasingly more conscientious about the quality and overall safety of the weed he or she purchases. Recent reports of marijuana being contaminated with mold, E. Coli and other wicked toxins has caused concern within the cannabis community; and the piece of mind that […]

New Device Tests Marijuana Purity at Home

Marijuana strains sold in the 20 states where it’s legal are not well tested, and some are even beset with E. coli, mold and pesticides. As more states legalize marijuana, customer demand for organic, chemical-free weed is bound to take root.