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  • CannaDx™ Sensor

    CannaDx™ Sensor

    Used in conjunction with the MyDx analyzer, the CannaDx sensor measures the key chemicals in the tested cannabis and delivers the Total Canna Profile™ (TCP) for your sample. Your MyDx analyzer comes with a CannaDx sensor—it will need to be replaced roughly every six months.

  • MyDx® Sample Insert

    MyDx® Sample Insert

    To test your samples, disposable inserts are used within your MyDx analyzer. Uniquely designed to stimulate the sample optimize results, inserts are each used once to ensure the integrity of testing. With quantity discounts, you can affordably and reliably test samples any time you want to know what’s truly in your cannabis.

  • MyDx CARE - Comprehensive Protection Package

    MyDx CARE - Comprehensive Protection Package

    If anything goes wrong with your MyDx analyzer or the CannaDx sensor, we’ll replace it with new equipment at no cost to you. We will provide unlimited technical support and extended coverage beyond the standard 1-year warranty to cover any potential issues or defects, giving you one-stop service and support from MyDx experts and immediate replacement with a new analyzer.


    MyDx Care covers:

    - MyDx Analyzer hardware

    - Unlimited CannaDx sensor replacements

    - MyDx App support

    $69.99 - $129.99
  • MyDx® Analyzer 2.0 + CannaDx™ Sensor Kit:  Grower's Package

    MyDx® Analyzer 2.0 + CannaDx™ Sensor Kit: Grower's Package

    Everything you need to optimize your grow.


    The Grower's Package includes everything in the MyDx Analyzer & CannaDx Sensor Kit, plus:
    - 100 Sample Inserts (value $129.99)
    - 2-year MyDx Care package (value $99.99, includes CannaDx sensors, unlimited support and new device replacement.)
  • MyDx® Analyzer 2.0 + CannaDx™ Sensor Kit

    MyDx® Analyzer 2.0 + CannaDx™ Sensor Kit

    Your own personal lab, in the palm of your hands. 
    Take the "what if" out of your cannabis. 

    - Test for quality 

    - Know its chemical profile

    - Predict a feeling based on a specific strain

    - Track associated results and what’s working for you

    - Immediate, reliable results from a portable, hand-held chemical analyzer

    - Powered by next-generation technology and science


    MyDx is the first of its kind portable chemical analyzer, allowing you to affordably and accurately identify the composition of your cannabis. The CannaDx sensor will deliver a Total Canna Profile™ (TCP) that goes beyond THC to encompass cannabinoids and terpenes—key compounds that can not just be measured through MyDx, but can also be analyzed to predict a feeling.


    Get the big picture of what’s in a specific strain of cannabis, and forecast its effect based on science and data, not anecdotal word-of-mouth. It’s never been easier, more affordable, or faster to Trust and Verify™ the composition of your cannabis. 


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